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Marvelous Light

I dont know if I can truly find the words to explain tonight. I don't say this often, or throw this word around but I will without a doubt say that the past few days have been life changing, yes life changing. I feel as if Im witnessing a miracle for the first time. I can honestly say life is abundant. 
               As it says in John 10:10 " The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy. But I have coem to give you life, and life to the full."
I am experienceing Life to the full. is this possible? In the past 3 days I feel as if I have gotten a small taste of what I expect Heaven to be like. And once you get even a small taste of Heaven you realize that this world has nothing for you. 
                     Heaven : the real thing. Like Coca cola. wow. cheesy.... but I had to do it.
 And the words keep singing over and over in my head. This world Has nothing for me, I will follow You. And that is what I will do. I will press on. I will surrender. The future is so bright right now. Light is pouring out at all my seems and all of those around me. It cannot be hidden. It must be displayed so all can see. I will take my light into dark places and the blind will see. Christ will shine. I am the lamp but He is the lightbulb. Without him I can do nothing. I may sit and look pretty ( the lamp that is) but I will serve no purpose. He is my light. he works in me. I am only the vessel that holds and shines His light. I feel so privaleged. The realization of this purpose has been energizing yet comforting in so many ways. My only purpose is to Love him and to Love others. All I must do is remain in his love, in Him. He is the painter, the sculptor, the writer, the artist. I am only a canvas, a ball of clay, a vessel to be used at the makers disposal. 

What a glorious purpose. Thank You Lord. You are my light, my love, my source of life.

              Our new friends are incredible. They blessed us in so many ways. Nothing could divide us. Experiencing love for others in a way that reflects Gods love for us is the most real, organic, and beautiful experience.  When our eyes become clear and we can see like He sees, their is Unity, Love, peace.  He loves the righteous man, the sinner, the homeless, the prostitute, the drunk, the murderer, the prideful, the lustful, the crude, the controlling, the liar. He loves us all the same. Those words became truly real to me tonite. Though Ive always known them as truths, I experienced them in my heart. 

In the words of Jon Foreman, we are all equally skilled.


This is my first entry on Live journal.
 Ive never been one for journaling but I feel with all the recent change and revelation in my life God is calling me to write some stuff down.
 So I guess I'll give this a try.  
I tend to type super fast causing me to have many spelling errors which will probably be the leading cause of my frustration with journaling..but o well. 
Recently Ive found myself in numerous conversations. There has been so much going on and so much worth talking about. I think thats it. I went through a season where I felt like unless pushed or forced I didnt have much to talk about it. Dont get me wrong. I still talked. 
In this world and with media and all the constant movement and drama going on. Theres always something to "talk" about. But There doesnt always feel to be anything worth conversing about. 
Good conversation. I had forgot How much I liked you. Well the combination for my always apparent love for communication and exciting truth and change and growth and revival have lead me to talk alot. I mean alot recently. and all along having a sore throat. and working. 
at a coffee shop. with people. therefore more talking.oo yah and singing. I sing. so theres more verbal outpour. 

So today im taking a little break. I am sick of the sound of my own voice. Yes it has all been good things that I am ultimately exxceedingly passionate about which causes me to talk for exceeding amounts of time, but still exhausting. So I thought despite my usual hate for writing If i start to get all these millions of thoughts running through my mind out ( and there dying to get out) in a way that doesnt involve me rambling a millions words a minute to anyone who will have me. it could be benificial. I could spare my vocal chords a few notes and give them a nice little vacation. Because they are definately tired. yes with many more dyslexic looking spelling errors and confusion I can do the same thing without waking up sounding like liza minelli.

So Ive been in the Internet lurking zone for a couple hours now. I havent spent time on my computer just looking around in so long. Theres so much information I want to find. The call. Ihop. God tv. Dallay Clayton. Facebook. blogs.. and now live journal. I dont think I ever realized how much is out there... so much source and media and new infomation. I used to use online for myspace aim and online shopping( which i really enjoy) and Thought hmm.. I cant find anything on the internet.. Wheres all the good stuff? And man there is alot of good stuff . People keep sharing websites with me and one website has ten links to other good websites. its pretty spectacular. yah i said it.
This dallas clayton website is awesome. Such cool thoughts and funny. I really like it. 
Well I think this is all for now. I have some things ive written that i will post on here but as of right now i do not feel compelled to say much more. or type that is. And i would prefer that i ever use livejournal for a forced outpouring of thoughts that arent worth writing. so yah.. later.



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